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Episode 3 – Tales From The Wild

We’re making little videos of our bus conversion project Tales From The Wild. Here’s Episode 3. The seats are out. The bag racks have been removed. The floor heaters are gone. We’ve started planning the layout. And removed one of the fixed windows, ready to install the first custom sliding window (we’re planning to add 4 or 5 of these).

Note: After initially planning to leave the ceiling alone (you’ll see that we actually started painted it in this video), we have since decided to rip the ceiling out and put some insulation in. It is just too hot in the bus for our liking (despite top hopper windows that open). To my dismay, I have discovered that the metal ceiling panels are not only riveted but glued to the framework above the window line (making the ceiling extra fun to remove). The rivets are no worries. But the glue has formed any incredibly strong bond between ceiling and frame (particularly one long bead above the windows). Has anyone got any tips for gaining the upper hand? I’m currently using hammer and chisel, stanley knife, multi-tool and reciprocating saw to try and prise the ceiling panels from the frame.