River gums, featuring eight year old boy for size.

River gums, featuring eight year old boy for size. It feels frivolous to post about our goings on, in the midst of so much crisis, but also wanting to keep a record here of our journey. We are one of the many ‘permanently’ travelling families with no fixed address, who, although abundantly privileged to have a ‘home’ and resources behind us, have, in the last week or so, found ourselves squeezed out of just about everywhere, as closures reach far and wide. We’ve been very lucky (and yes, privileged) to find a beautiful place to stay while we ride out these uncertain times. A place we can not only stay safe but live all our homesteading dreams, albeit with red dirt rather than lush forest.

Apart from ending our travels (for now) and giving us an invitation to belong to a place, isolation hasn’t changed much for us. And as worried as I am, I am also hopeful for the golden opportunity this pause creates, for my family but also for our culture and its operating system. Where will we steer our ship from here? It’s always been up to us. .
“The dominant order always fails. Every civilisation has failed and this global one is failing grandly, obviously. Our enemy has no answers. That makes me hopeful. Change is possible because it is necessary.” The crushing truth of John Zerzan, exquisitely captured by Tyson Yunkaporta in ‘Sand Talk’, a read for the times. ~ Sam.

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