What crazy, unsettling times.

What crazy, unsettling times. This weekend, like many others, we’ve had to significantly alter our plans. It’s been disappointing, to say the least, although we feel incredibly grateful to have our health, a job and a mostly self-sufficient home that is ours and is ready to travel in when the time comes.

Last night we walked and rode bikes by the river and I came across an abundance of these fallen leaves. Which, I discovered, are from Eucalyptus websteriana, or heart-leaf mallee. ‘Eu’ is the Greek word for ‘good’ or ‘well’. And so, today, overwhelmed and saddened for humanity, and more than a little anxious at what is to come, I am taking this abundance of hearts at my feet as a blessing, if you will. May our hearts be well. A blessing for the times. Life is going to get crazily different. Do the things you should, but also: tend your hearts. 🧡
~ Sam.

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