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Choosing #buslife

A big hello to our new followers! Thank you for getting behind our bus adventure… it is really lovely to know so many people are cheering us on! 😊 I thought I’d share a little about us and our motivation for choosing #buslife. We are Keiran, Sam (that’s me!), Ellery (six) and Aubrey (three). We used to live on a remote Cape on a national park island. Nature immersion and a good work-life balance were our normal. We did that for five years. 18 months ago we found ourselves transplanted to the city, struggling to keep our heads above the waterline with our first mortgage, a single income and two small people. They say it often takes extreme discomfort in your world to create change… well this is us! Life became quite hard, with little of the joy we once had in plenty. This is a big part of our why. We aim to create more time for us, less work (and a better split between K and I of the paid work and parenting), and more horizon in our days! ☀ We’re kind of making it up as we go along <though one half of us has built a home in a bus before 😁>. There are lots of unknowns (possibilities!) but it feels so good to be carving out change of our own making. Thanks for following along. 💜